• Maria Lennox

Business on the Rise: The Ivy Market

This freelance community showcases "Ivy League" quality freelancers for hire online.

Photo credit www.ivymarketreport.com

The Ivy Market is a freelance marketplace, meets social media platform, meets online course hub for top freelance talent. We are a top talent freelance community with a focus on providing a more dependable, engaging, and results-focused atmosphere for people who enjoy working remotely and outsourcing effectively. Watch out Fiverr and Upwork because the Ivy Market has been doing deep market research on what the online freelance hiring industry is missing and aims to fill those gaps in a way that benefits both the freelancer and the client.

Founder, Joe Potesta, has been in the trenches interviewing thriving freelancers to understand what type of platform would give them a better work experience, more community despite spending so much time alone on a screen, and improve their general work skills.

Though the application is still in the development phase, there are already ways that you can get involved. To apply as a freelancer in this marketplace, you can complete the form by clicking here. If you are looking to hire, you can post a job request by clicking here.

You can also learn more about the membership and what it includes by clicking here.

The Ivy Market is set to launch sometime in the Spring of 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for this startup on the rise.