• Jessica Khan

Dave Asomaning, Helps Leaders and Executives Turn "Nightmares" Into Miracles

The founder of SynchroMind: The Leadership Development Company, explains why his 3 Keys to Miracle Success framework changes everything.

Dave Asomaning, Ph.D. is not your typical executive coach. He doesn't only aim to help CEOs multiply their incomes, but does so using a multi-faceted approach to synchronize one's life in terms of health, wealth, love, and enlightenment.

"I use a consistent miracle-minded approach that became stronger in the process of having a miracle with my own heart problems." - Dave Asomaning, Ph.D.

Dave has more than 26 years of executive coaching experience and has rubbed elbows with some of the most influential leaders on the planet including the Dalai Lama and President Barack Obama.

His signature framework, The 3 Keys to Miracle Success, consists of The Practical Key, The Blueprint Key, and The Inner Genius Key. Each key is associated with a powerful affirmation that provides a solid foundation for on-going healing and empowerment away from nightmares to miracles. You can learn to implement this system into your life by enrolling in his online course, called Nightmares to Miracles by clicking here. The method this course is based on has helped numerous leaders and executives effectively shift their lives into a more balanced and successful lifestyle.

You can learn more about his services and programs www.nightmarestomiracles.com.