• Jordan Franco

Hollywood Starlet, Khaliun Amarburen, Spills Top Tips for "Making It" in the Industry

As it goes for many young dreamers, moving to LA to pursue a lifelong goal of becoming an actress came with a whirlwind of hurdles and reality checks for Khaliun Amarburen. In 2012, she took the leap and left home in Arlington, Virginia to take on the uphill battle.

Her personality and story is just as unique as her name (pronounced ha-lu-na). After working her way up the rungs of Hollywood, she has a few crucial tips for aspiring actors.

"Slating is so important so the casting director can track down the actor later. I also love that the casting director can hear how my name is pronounced!"

Here are Amarburen's three essential tips to "making it" in Hollywood:

  1. Get over the financial hurdle and take quality acting classes.

  2. Develop genuine relationships with casting directions in order to become a recognizable face to them.

  3. Keep a consistent flow of necessary but regular communication with your reps [such as your agent and manager] so that they are excited about you, and that comes through when they are pitching you to casting.

Amarburen lives the dream of being a full-time working LA actress, residing in Santa Monica, California, but she comes from humble beginnings. She was born in Bulgaria to hardworking Mongolian parents who immigrated to the US for its opportunities. Coming from line of performers, her father and grandmother thriving in the Mongolian opera scene, being comfortable in the spotlight came natural to her. Even when she's not "in character," she is a joy to watch on screen.

Over the years, she's put in thousands of hours of work, networking at her jobs from Paramount studios to CBS Television City, and after many years of proving herself, she landed a coveted talent contract. Today, she is signed with BAC Talent and is SAG-AFTRA eligible. She has been a part of many large-scale productions including House of Cards, the hit Ariana Grande music video for Thank U Next, recently on 911 on Fox network television news, and was even a lead in a documentary by First Republic Bank on the hardships of student debt.

When she's not memorizing lines or sitting in LA traffic, Amarburen spends her time traveling, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors with her boyfriend, Davey Grother, who is also a prolific filmmaker and writer.

Amarburen is definitely a talent to keep your eye on and bound to appear on bigger and bigger screens in the near future. Not if, but when she joins the A-list, we'll know you heard it here at The Limelight News first.

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