• Maria Lennox

Luxury Children's Playhouses Making Backyards a Stay Home Haven

Meet Gigi Arnold, owner of Gigi's Playhouses, a luxury custom playhouse building company based in Southern California.

Meet Gigi

Gigi's Playhouses was established in 2007 by Gigi Flowers in Riverside, California. Gigi is a mother of three children who begged for a playhouse when they were little, and after Gigi made their dreams come true with their very own hideaway, she decided to help other families have playhouses in their homes all over Southern California.

Today, Gigi has built over 100 playhouses by hand. Some houses have even been dedicated to housing cats, dogs, pigs, goats, and chickens! Gigi's love for crafting and creativity is what fuels the company to continue building unique playhouses to stimulate children's imagination and growth.

Gigi’s Playhouses is a family-owned business that helps parents staying home with kids amid the pandemic get a solid break. When a play day at the park isn’t an option, an even better alternative is having a dream play zone for them in the backyard.

“2020 was our biggest year yet! Every year we make drastically more playhouses than the previous." - Gigi Arnold

Each playhouse is custom made from high quality materials. Solid wood, real windows, professional flooring, and electric doorbells that play a little song. Each house is made with love and the new homeowners get the opportunity to decorate it exactly as they'd like inside. Take a look at this recent install:

This family-owned business has no plans of operating on a large-scale any time soon. They have no employees beyond the wife-husband duo and a helping hand from three of the youngest sons in the family.

With that said, they can only build so many houses, so if you're thinking of investing in a home away from home for your little ones, get your order in as soon as possible! There is often a several month waitlist between order and start of production. You can learn more or get in touch by going to the website www.gigisplayhouses.com or on Instagram @gigisplayhouses.