• Jonathan Sanchez

Why a Tesla Automobile is Likely to Become An Appreciating Asset

In anticipation of the Tesla full self-driving price increase, Donovan New makes a swift decision to snag an auto-driving Model 3.

This 23-year-old entrepreneur has purchased his first Tesla vehicle in Orange County, California just last week in anticipation of the full self-driving price increase. Since then, Elon Musk has announced a $2,000 price jump in his ground-breaking technology.

Musk claims that those who have access to the self-driving technology will soon be able to use their car as a passive income generating device, transporting people and goods without the presence of an actual driver. Estimations have been said that each vehicle could generate over $30k per year in passive revenue, and with a 10+ year battery life, Tesla owners could see $300,000 generated on a $50k investment with little maintenance required.

With this in mind, New became an investor in the technology last week. He plans to continue using his car as an asset using traditional methods already existing before adding his Tesla to the robo-taxi fleet in the future upon the passing of pending regulations.

"With the technology that Tesla's AI machine learning is capable of, having a Tesla with full self driving is a no-brainer, and I believe this car will even appreciate in value over time as the technology progresses through the regulatory process," said New, the proud Tesla owner.

For more information on his journey as an entrepreneur and Tesla investor, follow Donovan New on Instagram @donovanwnew.