• Andre Miller

Spice It Up: A Chili Sauce That Tastes Good on Anything

Danish company, RePicante, makes its debut in Barcelona, Spain.

RePicante on avocado toast

Most people would assume that a too-hot-to-handle chili sauce would originate in Latin America or India, but RePicante is a homemade chili sauce brand that was founded by a Nordic spice-lover and is taking the world by storm.

RePicante customers understand that this is more than just a sauce; it’s a lifestyle. People may inquire, what do you eat the chili sauce on? The real question is what can’t you eat it on? The answer: nothing. Founder, Jesper Figgé Thomsen even made a point of this by enjoying his chili sauce atop a spoonful of ice cream! Talk about an icy-hot combination.

Founder, Jesper Figgé Thomsen

No one knows the secret ingredients in the recipe, but we can tell you that it’s multidimensional flavors tap the sweet, salty, and spicy parts of the palette. It’s not for the faint of tongues, but its intensity is manageable after the initial impact of heat. Thomsen recommends sampling a micro-taste first before consuming the sauce in large quantities to acclimate the tongue. Once your mouth is adjusted, dive in!

As of today, RePicante is only being sold to residents of Barcelona, Spain by delivery only using their Instagram platform and website. But there are future talks of expanding worldwide when the customer base demands.

Also stay tuned on their YouTube channel for spicy video content that’ll remind you of by Hot Ones meets Punk’d.

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