• Jonathan Sanchez

Traveling in 2021: Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Required?

We will all rely on technology to streamline safe travel and immunization records as travel opens up during the pandemic.

Current travel restrictions are a headache of paperwork, health screenings, and documents to prove who's done what. There are several project in the works worldwide to help streamline the process of traveling safely as restrictions lift around the globe.

Firstly, there is the CommonPass mobile application, a user-friendly platform to facilitate the infrastructure created by a Swiss initiative called the Common Trust Network. The mobile app with a modern feel may be the next internationally recognized app to virtually demonstrate proof of health requirements for travel.

Photo credit from www.commonpass.org

“The hope is that CommonPass, which is backed by the World Economic Forum, will eventually establish standard certifications for Covid-19 test results," said Editorial Board at The Financial Times.

You can learn more at www.commonpass.org.

Alternatively, IBM has been working on its own equivalent called IBM Digital Health Pass which also functions with mobile devices to store, authenticate, and display health documents and screenings and promote safe travel and gathering.

Photo credit from www.ibm.com

"For us it's [about] how that digital credential can be stored, can be presented, not only through smartphones but also in other ways for those people who don't have access to stable internet and also who don't own smartphones," said Lucy Yang, co-lead of the Covid-19 Credentials Initiative. "We're looking into it, and there are companies who are doing really promising work.

You can learn more about IBM's project here www.ibm.com/products/digital-health-pass.

No one knows for sure how close we are to open borders and herd immunity worldwide, nor is it clear whether or not vaccinated individuals are able to spread Covid-19. As research continues to develop there will be a growing need for technology to catch up with ways to transmit reliable information at a large scale.