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Women on a Mission for Results, Through Coaching and Consulting

These coaches and consultants are empowering individuals and groups worldwide to get transformative results in their lives, careers, families, and more: each one with her own unique speciality that makes her a top choice in her field!

Working with a coach or consultant can take your life from wherever you are today, to exactly where you want to be. It is crucial to select a coach that truly resonates with your energy, experiences, and goals, finding the one who you can relate to and understands where you're coming from and how to get to your desired outcome. The coaches and consultants listed below are notable for making waves in their own specialities, so take a look at all the ways that these ladies are getting their customers desired results and how they can help you too:

Mimi Quick

She empowers female entrepreneurs to clear out money blocks and align their businesses to prosperity. She does this through step-by-step high vibrational group and 1-1 programs that help you shift into the desired success. What's unique about her business is that she uses her psychic gifts to empower and lead clients into greater consciousness, success and prosperity on their journey. Quick gets clear information, insight and steps on what is blocking her clients and how to clear it and align for success.

Learn more at mimiquick.com

Kristen Edwards Co LLC

She is a Strategy Coach helping ambitious women to reach consistent $5-10k/months by creating a customized business strategy based on their enneagram type and without hiding their personality. Self-awareness is the key to growing and scaling one's business and creating one's best life. Edwards informs, "Most business coaches say that you have to 'niche down' in order to find success; I believe that we find success by incorporating all of who we and what we love."

Learn more on Instagram @coachkeds

Next Level Up CEO

This business helps female entrepreneurs in service-based businesses render their competition irrelevant and attract and retain clients like clockwork. "During a pandemic, with three kids home I've scaled to multiple six-figures working less than 12 hours per week and help others do the same," says founder, Nas Echeverria.

Learn more at the Facebook group NextLevelFemaleCEOs

Katie Goebel

This consultant help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their audience and generate leads using strategic copy and social media strategy. She has single-handedly pivoted nonprofit fundraising clients to virtual during the pandemic and exceeded funding goals by a whopping 200%.

Learn more on her Facebook page

Becky Feigin Coaching

She is a six-figure business coach for new coaches and service providers, helping them build a business plan and strategy that works for them and their business. Feigin states, "Every business is unique and I really pride myself on leaning into that. A lot of online business coaches pressure their clients with the $10k in 3 months or $100k in 6 months messaging. That overwhelms new entrepreneurs. I'm different because I teach business in a soul-aligned way that releases the pressure."

Learn more at BeckyFeigin.com

Kimiko & Co

This business helps freelancers quit their 9-5 jobs and skyrocket their income through branding, sales strategies and mindset. They have impressively been nominated for three awards in 2019 for "Entrepreneur of the Year", "Woman on the Ride" and "Trailblazer of the Year" in the ACHi Magazine awards.

Learn more at Kimiko.co

Everflow Consulting

Everflow Consulting is a virtual learning design firm that helps content creators develop transformative and inclusive spaces for learning online. Founded, Nina Everflow states, "I distill the research on adult learning for course creators seeking to be inclusive and get results. My framework combines anti-racist training with the neuroscience of adult behavior change while holding space for the emotional and spiritual evolution required to heal from the delusion of human hierarchy."

Learn more on Instagram @nina.everflow

All Aboard Planning and Consulting

This unique consultive firm empowers new and aspiring entrepreneurs to create a plan for success so that they can experience the freedom that they desire. They do this through group and 1:1 coaching programs where they create budgets, business plans, marketing plans and more. The approach utilized is consultative instead of authoritative. They guide clients through their strategically-designed programs and help them pull out the confidence and skills that they already had buried inside.

Learn more on their Facebook Page

Window Seats + Bright Eyes

Window Seats + Bright Eyes helps women start online businesses and map their internal funnels so they can actually live a freedom lifestyle. Founder, Megan Patzius states, "I get to walk the talk sharing my adventures of being a digital nomad while scaling my own business. It's really unique that I get to help clients in service, product and publishing businesses! It's very uncommon to have a coach successful in all these spaces. I like being able to support clients in any direction they want to run in."

Learn more on Instagram @windowseatsandbrighteyes

Ashley Seling

She is a Parenting Coach for moms with kids of ages 2-10 years old. Seling elaborates, "I help moms become calm and confident even in stressful situations. My work impacts all future generations to come! Parenting is literally the most important job a parent has. My work positively shifts relationships, self-beliefs, and helps parents guide their children to become independent and healthy adults."

Learn more on Instagram @ashleyseling

Braving The Being

Braving The Being is a mindset coaching and hypnotherapy business, helping women to overcome their subconscious issues such as their inner negative, critical voice, that keeps them stuck in the comfort zone, crippling self-doubt, outdated beliefs and patterns that originate from the past. They help their clients overcome issues at the core by visiting their past rather than treating the symptoms on the surface. The presenting symptom is rarely the issue; it's a coping mechanism. They have miraculously cured a client of crippling migraines which she had for over 30 years, and help others achieve life-changing results.

Learn more at www.bravingthebeing.com

Sarah Lakhani Consulting

Sarah Lakhani provides strategy and operations solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses through consulting engagements, group and private workshops and coaching. Current topics they specialize in include Strategy Planning, Business Planning, Managing Operations and Delighting Customers. Lakhani explains, "I make complex topics fun, easy to understand and exciting to work on, which gives businesses a solid and distinctive foundation from which they can successfully grow."

Contact at sarah@sarahlakhani.com for more information

Auntie Corina

Auntie Corina is a Parenting Support Coach, use her 30 years of experience working with young children to help frustrated, "mompreneurs" learn calm, firm, and loving parenting hacks so that they can meet their kids' needs and run their businesses like the bosses they are! Due to her success, she is a highly sought after speaker, teacher and conference presenter, being asked to teach parenting skills to audiences across the globe.

Learn more at bit.ly/kidparent

Kabrina Budwell Consulting

This consulting firm aids in email marketing, business strategy and consulting, quiz creation, corporate training, and more! They focus on systems that automate the nurture process of leads to free business owners' time to work in their "genius zone" and get more important things done, while automating the repetitive tasks, enabling the business to run as a system of its own.

Learn more at www.kabrinabudwell.com

Wellbeing Warriors

Wellbeing Warriors coaches people to improve their mindset and wellbeing through 1-1 coaching, either by phone or online. This is a brand new coaching business to keep your eyes on as they take on their first round of clients and demonstrate just how powerful their mindset transformation methodology truly is.

Learn more on Instagram @wellbeingwarriors83

Investing in coaching and consulting is truly the gift that keeps on giving. If you find yourself out of alignment in your business, career, family, overall wellbeing, or life, in general, consider one of these experts to lead you down a path of improvement.