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Frequently Asked Questions

What information will you put in the Viral Video?

Any information you'd like people to know about! We will ask you a series of questions that give you the opportunity to "toot your own horn," and we will use that information directly in the video with relevant images and videos. You can provide the images and videos, or we can use relevant stock images and videos.

What questions will you ask me in my Storyteller Interview?

YOU get to decide what we ask you! You must provide us with a list of questions that you want to be asked in order to best showcase your brand. Our reporter may add a question or two throughout the conversation if other relevant questions naturally arise.

How long will it take to recieve my videos?

Viral Videos will be edited and visible to you within 10 days of ordering. Storyteller Interviews will be recorded on a mutually agreed upon interview date/time, and visible to you within 10 days of being recorded. When ordering the Double Feature, both videos will be in progress simultaneously.

Will I have rights to the video files and to upload them too?

Yes, you will receive the video file in mp4 and will have rights to upload the video anywhere you'd like online. The Limelight will also maintain rights to use the video on our own channels indefinitely. The only limitation is that you may not use videos as a television commercial.

Do you guarantee that my videos will generate lots of views?

We wil publish your videos to our channels (YouTube and Facebook). Based on past results on our YouTube channel, we estimate that your video will accumulate hundreds to thousands of views, however we have no guarantee that these views will be of any value to your business. The source and quality of the organic views generated on YouTube will vary depending on its algorithm used to promote your video organically. As for the Facebook videos, it will be up to the shares of you and your audience that determine how many views are generated. Your video may go viral, but we provide no guarantees. The Viral Video title refers to the style of editing being used, not the amount of views we anticipate. For best results, you can share your video in online hotspots where your specific target audience can be found.

What information will be included in my (bonus) Feature Article?

The Feature Article is a bonus included in the Double Feature package. For this article, our talented Staff Writers will consolidate all of the information garnered by the forms submitted by you, as well as the Q&A interview to write a feature article to be published on our platform. The text will be complimented with a few photos and any links you want to be included to contact you or learn more about your brand?

What value does this add to my business?

Being featured by a publication, no matter how big or small it may be, can add: - Credibility - Authority - Validity - Professionalism - Expertise - Social proof When someone searches your business on Google or YouTube what comes up? YOU can direct the narrative by having searchable video content that praises your brand! When it comes to spreading awareness about you and your brand, talking about yourself doesn't have nearly the same impact as being talked about. When you display The Limelight's content, featuring your brand, your audience will become more intruiged than ever before. Take this example, showing our video as the #1 ranking video for our customer's upcoming app: